Insomnia Natural Treatment

If you suffer from insomnia, you are not alone. Insomnia or sleeping disorders affect up to 30% of the population in any given time. If you read our previous lessons, you already know that each and every illness/disorder/disease is a consequence of blocked energy, which is caused by wrong ideas/behavior/emotions. Insomnia is no different, and as we have learned, every illness can be reverted and cured if we just unblock the energy flow in our body. Let's break down the causes for insomnia and learn how to cure it.

How Insomnia Starts

  1. Let's take Joey, for instance. He had anger management issues. Although usually, he was calm on the outside, he tended to accumulate his anger and burst from time to time.
  2. One day his girlfriend broke up with him after they were together for over two years. This was devastating to him. He was sure they would get married and have kids together. All of his dreams were shattered into small pieces.
  3. On the night of the breakup, he was extremely emotional and was thinking over and over about what had happened and what went wrong. He couldn't see how things could get better.
  4. At a certain point, he decided to go to sleep, but the thoughts didn't leave him. He just couldn't let things go.
  5. As the hours went by and he was turning from right to left, left to right, he began blaming his ex for his inability to fall asleep. His anger was growing bigger as this situation continued into the small hours of the night. The anger just pushed his sleep further and further away from him.
  6. The darkness of the night switched into the light of day. Joey hadn't slept all night; he was now furious about this. This was the first time he wasn't able to fall asleep for a whole night, and his ex-girlfriend was the cause for this!
  7. The rest of the day went by, full of thoughts and getting used to a hot new "single" status. He was also impatiently waiting for the night to come, to get a normal night's sleep.
  8. However, about one hour before he went to bed, an inconvenient sensation inside his stomach appeared. As he was getting closer and closer to his bedtime, this weird inconvenient sensation became stronger and stronger.
  9. When he finally lay down, this sensation was in full-blown mode. He wasn't aware of it at the time, but this was his mind sending a sensation of fear through his body, a fear of going to sleep or, to better phrase it, a fear of failing to fall asleep.
  10. This night was a struggle too. Joey slept very little. From this night on, every time Joey planned to go to sleep, this fear sensation took over, and the sleeping struggle began. Joey now has insomnia.

Spiritual Errors Leading to Insomnia

  1. As we have learned, any disorder/illness is the outcome of energy flow disruption, which is caused by wrong ideas and thoughts. Let's go through the process that led to Joey's insomnia, and let's see what he could have done to avoid it.
  2. On the day of the breakup, Joey couldn't stop thinking about it, which eventually haunted his sleep. This was the first error in his thinking process. You need to learn to let things go.
  3. It is natural to feel disappointed by certain situations that are beyond our control, but we also need to believe that things will get better in the future. If Joey had believed that eventually, a more suitable partner would come into his life, the snowball effect that led to his insomnia would not have happened. You have to understand that everything happens for a reason and put your trust in the universe. Everything will eventually turn out for the best.
  4. The second mistake Joey made was to get angry at his ex-girlfriend. Joey has a temper, and his anger comes to him easily. He put the blame for his sleeping issues on his ex. This further pushed away his sleep. One of the biggest errors people make is to blame others for their own behavior, but in fact, it was Joey's reaction that lead him to the sleeping disorder. If he hadn't gotten angry at his ex in the first place, he would have fallen asleep eventually, without this developing into insomnia.
  5. People have to understand that life can throw certain situations at them that are beyond their control, but our responses will determine how these situations affect our lives.
  6. As soon as Joey will take responsibility for his own thoughts and behavior, he will realize that his response to the breakup led him to the sleeping disorder. The power is always in your hands!
  7. Another spiritual lesson would be to always stay calm and never get angry - or at least let go fast of negative thoughts and emotions. They will only bring you negative outcomes in the future. Joey would have gladly avoided these feelings if he had only known back then what the consequence would be.

Natural Insomnia Cure

  1. The third spiritual lesson Joey will have to learn is regarding the active insomnia condition he is suffering from. A more accurate way to describe his situation would be his fear of sleep or his fear of failing to fall asleep.
  2. Joey's thoughts about what lies ahead (going to sleep), based on past experiences (failing to fall asleep in the previous days), lead him to be frightened, and these negative emotions/thoughts are the cause of his sleeping disorder. Once again, his reaction to his thoughts causes his problem to persist. As we described in the previous lesson, our reaction to situations determines their effect on us.
  3. However, how do we break the insomnia cycle? The spiritual lesson here would be not to react to your thoughts/situations at all. A thought is a thought, nothing less, nothing more. It is up to you if you want to react to it or not. Think about this for a moment. If Joey would learn how not to react to his negative thoughts/emotions, he wouldn't get scared from them when he goes to sleep. If he wouldn't react to his negative thoughts and would stay calm, he would fall asleep pretty fast. Problem solved!
  4. Joey should learn about getting into the beholder point of view, letting negative thoughts pass through his mind without reacting to them - without judgment, if you like - and essentially letting them go, but how can he achieve this goal?
  5. He will simply have to practice it, as described here in Section 6. If Joey will practice this exercise daily, his mind will eventually learn how to stay quiet without reacting to thoughts.
  6. As he practices this method, he will react less and less to negative thoughts such as fear or anger. His body will remain calm even if negative thoughts go through his mind. The sleeping disorder will lose its grip on him and eventually disappear completely.

Additional Lessons from Insomnia

  1. Every illness/disorder shows us we have wrong ideas/thoughts. So in a way, illnesses are our teachers for life and reality.
  2. What further spiritual lessons can we learn from insomnia?
  3. With insomnia, we fear the future because of the past, but this way of thinking is wrong. Why is it wrong, you may ask? Well, because it makes us fear and cause a sleeping disorder. You see, negative thoughts are wrong, and the universe's way of telling us that is by manifesting a disorder (insomnia).
  4. The fact is that there is no past and no future, only a continuous now.
  5. As there is no "past" and it exists only in our brains, there is also no "future." People who suffer from the fear of failure are simply afraid of the "future" based on "past" experience. However, if there is no "future" and no "past," what we've got is only "now," and when you are afraid of the "future," you are simply being afraid right now (no matter the reason for that). Being afraid is a negative thought. Negative thoughts have a negative impact on one's health. When you are afraid now, it immediately causes a reaction in your body, which, in turn, creates a sleeping disorder.
  6. So basically speaking, you don't have any Sleeping disorder because the "past" doesn't really exist (you just remember it, so to speak). What you do have is a fear right now. Once you stop being frightened right now, the sleeping disorder will go away. Remeber, always stay calm!

More Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

  1. Don't overeat at dinner. This tip is also relevant for every meal. Usually, we tend to eat more in times of stress, and sometimes it happens during the evening/at night. Having insomnia might be a stressful situation, so one might overeat in the evening/at night. This is the wrong approach. When our stomach is too full before we go to bad, it will interfere with our sleep. You should try eating a light dinner; this will help with your sleeping process.
  2. Remove screens from the bedroom. Especially don't use your mobile device right before going to bed. Studies show that the screens of our TVs/laptops/mobile devices hurt our sleeping hormones in our body. Furthermore, the purpose of social apps is to keep us scrolling and focused. This is a bad practice before going to bad. We need to relax and calm down before going to sleep, not become more alerted. Don't use those before going to sleep.
  3. Remove clocks from the bedroom. Clocks can be another stressful item when having insomnia. You don't really need to know the exact time every minute during the night, and especially, you don't need to know how much time is left for your sleep.
  4. Try to keep the bedroom quiet. If the surroundings of your house or bedroom are subject to noise that might wake you up - such as cars, trucks, night clubs, snoring spouses, construction sites - you can use screening measures such as white noise generators, ear plugs, and turning on the air conditioner/fan. All these will help you in your sleep and block any outside noise during the night.
  5. Colder temperatures help the body to fall and stay asleep. Use your air conditioner if needed; take your feet out of the blanket so they cool down. It will help you fall asleep.
  6. Don't force yourself to go to sleep. Try getting into the natural rhythm of your body. Go to bed when you feel tired.
  7. Remember to stay calm and patient during the whole night, even if you don't immediately fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night.
  8. Learn about yourself and your body. If you are tired and don't fall asleep, it's a sign that you are too tense and alert. Relax. Tell yourself in your mind to calm down, feel your heartbeat slow down, get into your sleeping posture, and close your eyes. You don't have to do anything to fall asleep. Just stay calm and patient.

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