Lesson 2 - Body Scan
Now that you know what causes illness, it's time to assess your current health. Please take a piece of paper and a pen/pencil and stand in front of a mirror. We will go through every part of your body looking for illness and make a list. It can be chronic, or it can be something that happened lately. Let's start from the very bottom:
  1. Check out your feet. Are they healthy, or do they have some illness there? Maybe a nail fungus? Maybe not-so-good blood flow? If you have disease at your feet, please write it down on your paper. There is no illness that is too small to get on our list. Once you finish with your feet, let's move ahead and start climbing up your body.
  2. What about your legs? Knees? Hips? Remember, an illness doesn’t always have to be the result of an outside factor such as virus, bacteria, or fungus. It can also be a disorder that developed over the years such as a stress fracture caused by a prolonged stress on the leg (usually appears among joggers). If you suffer from these conditions, please write them down too.
  3. Let's continue our body scan moving up toward your reproduction organs, lower and upper stomach. Write down anything that is out of the ordinary. Digestion problems, any specific food tolerance and allergies. Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, lactose intolerance, hernia, and heartburn are a few. If you are suffering from weight issues (i.e., overweight, underweight), write down these as well.
  4. After you finished writing down any problems found, we will continue our body scan moving up to your chest, back, and neck. If you suffer from repeating back pain, breathing issues, or a heart condition, write these findings down.
  5. When finished, scan your arms, hands, fingers, and nails. Are they whole? Any disorder or pain at your wrist? Write any illness down and continue looking for illness up your body.
  6. Now let us check your throat, nose, eyes. Do you suffer from any chronic coughing, running nose? Dust, pollen allergy? What about your sight; do you wear reading glasses? Any eye infections? Dry eyes? And what about your mouth? Any constant bad breath, any gum infections? Do you have all your teeth?
  7. Let’s continue scanning your ears. Is everything OK with your hearing? Let’s inspect your head. Are you suffering from chronic headaches? Migraines? Any hair loss? Write down all head-head related problems you find.
  8. The list you have just finished is your energy blockage map. It manifests as illness, but you already know it's simply symptoms of interrupted energy flow.
  9. That's it. You have completed the second lesson. But, before we continue, there is a small questionnaire to make sure you understood everything.
Q - Your friend was diagnosed with an allergy to bees. What do you think causes this allergy?

  1. Nothing caused this. Some people have allergies to bees, while others doesn't.
  2. The bees caused this allergy.
  3. There is an interruption in her energy flow, which causes this allergy.

Q - Your friend suffers from hemorrhoids. What seems to cause this situation?

  1. He tends to read while he is in the toilet. This might cause his condition.
  2. He worked too hard at the gym. I heard it can cause hemorrhoids.
  3. Bad genes, His father suffered from hemorrhoids. His brother had them too. It runs in his family.
  4. His energy flow is interrupted. This is the real reason he got hemorrhoids.

Q - Regarding the previous question. What do you think your friend should do to get better?

  1. He Should stop reading while he is in the toilet.
  2. He should drink olive oil.
  3. He is an angry person. He should learn to calm down.
  4. He should take a break from the gym.

Q - A stressful, angry, relaxed and anxious friends meet up. Who do you think will be the healthiest?

  1. The anxious one.
  2. The relaxed one.
  3. The stressful one.
  4. The angry one.


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