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Now without any further delay, let's begin...

Lesson 1 - The Basics
  1. As the big bang theory suggests, the universe was born with an incredible amount of energy. One second there was nothing, and the next everything came to life. The universe was born literally out of thin air—like magic.
  2. The energy from the explosion created time, space, and matter. Cosmic dust formed stars, galaxies and eventually Earth was created.
  3. Everything you can see, touch, and feel is made out of energy. The trees in the forest, the birds in the sky, the mountains on the horizon, your chair, your mobile device, the people around and even you are all made of energy!
  4. Let's pretend the universe is like a giant computer. When it's turned off, you can see nothing on the screen. This is similar to the Universe before the big bang. The big bang was like turning on our giant computer. Everything came to life. Now you can use your computer to play games, write documents, send emails, browse the Internet and so on.
  5. But, we can use this computer as long as it is turned on and as long as electricity flows into its electrical circuits. The same dynamics apply to the Universe. There is an energy flow into the system that keeps everything running.
  6. Usually you can't see electricity and electrons running through circuits. Similarly, you can't see this energy flow in the Universe. But believe me, it's out there. giving life to everything you see and touch.
  7. Humans have the gift of manipulating this energy or the energy flow.
  8. When this energy flows smoothly, your body stays healthy. But if that flow is interrupted, illness appears.
  9. Your thoughts and emotions influence the energy flow. Negative thoughts block this energy, eventually creating illness. Positive thoughts on the other hand unblock this energy letting it flow freely, bringing health and vitality to yourself and your body.
You have finished the basics. Cool. But, before we continue, there is a small questionnaire to make sure you understand everything.

Q - In front of you there is a rock, tree and a cat. At their very basic building blocks, are they similar or not?

  1. The tree and the cat have similar building blocks as they are living entities. The rock is an inanimate object so it was built from different building blocks.
  2. The cat is a living, breathing life form. The tree is a plant. The rock is a lifeless object. They all have different building blocks.
  3. Although all of them represent very distinct characteristics, they were all created by the very same building block, which is energy.

Q - From a purely medical point of view, what can you expect from a person that is constantly under stress?

  1. 1. If he eats healthy and exercises regularly, nothing will happen to him and he will stay healthy.
  2. As time goes by, eventually he will develop an illness.
  3. A little stress doesn't hurt anyone. Nothing will happen to him.

Q - Can you manipulate the energy flow in your body?

  1. No! Only gurus and meditation masters can manipulate energy flow.
  2. Yes! You can manipulate energy flow. Negative thinking and bad emotions block the energy flow, while positive thinking, good emotions, unblock it.
  3. You can start to influence the energy flow after you practice meditation for several months.

Q - What is illness?

  1. Illness is simply a sign that the energy flow in your body is being interrupted.
  2. Illness is when a virus manages to get into your body.
  3. When your body betrays you, then you develop an illness.


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